Call (07) 3630 0922

7-11 Curtin Avenue West Eagle Farm, QLD 4009

Airport Parking FAQs


Where are you located?

11 Curtin Ave West, Hamilton QLD 4007


How do I get from your parking station to Brisbane Airport?

We have a Free Courtesy buses that takes you to and from the airport. When you drop off your vehicle you simply catch our bus and we deliver you to the airport terminal door. It takes between 9 and 12 minutes to get to the airport. Please allow time for check-in. We suggest you arrive at our station 1.5 hours domestic flights and 2.5 hours before International flights.


Do I need to book?  We are busy on weekends, school and public holidays.

In busy times its a good idea. We are fully staffed from 4.30am to midnight each day. Last Shuttle is 11.30pm. Please note Saturdays we close at 10.00pm at night. Last Shuttle is 9.30pm.  

To Book just call  07 3630 0922 or &  we will reserve a car spot for you.


When I return how do you collect me?

Make sure you collect your bags then call 36300922 option 1.


Domestic Terminal: We pick you up at area B1 or B2 at the Bus Collection Area. When you exit the airport, make your way over the overhead walk way. The escalator on the right just past the air train will take you down to the collection point. There will be a sign saying "Coaches and Buses."


International Terminal: We pick you up at Bay 3 or 4 in the Coach Area. Turn left after you exit the arrivals hall (customs) and look for a sign saying coaches departures hanging from the roof. Walk down the concrete ramp. Don’t walk out the front of the building where all the taxi and normal cars are, buses are not allowed to stop there.


Wheel Chair facilities?

Unfortunately not at this time.