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Why Airport Parking in Brisbane near the Domestic Terminal is Better than Leaving Your Car at Home

Even though we’re supposed to feel relaxed on holidays, it can be difficult to let go of your responsibilities if you’re concerned about the security of your possessions. Of course, the chances are you’ll return to a home in the same condition you left it at after your relaxing holiday, but it’s still nice to secure extra peace of mind during your time away by ensuring valuable assets like your car are safe. Some people think they can only afford to store their vehicle at home, but Brisbane airport parking near the domestic terminal is cheaper than you might assume.

You won’t save as much money as you think by not taking your car to a paid storage facility, and being able to drive to the airport means you don’t need to wait for public transport when you’re on a strict schedule. Plus, it’s nice to know somebody’s watching over your vehicle when you can’t, and you can depend on dedicated parking staff more than busy neighbours and close friends. If you find a good-value Brisbane domestic airport parking facility, you can securely store your car for up to two weeks for less than $100.

At Kingsfordsmith, we understand that holidaymakers need to carefully monitor their money when travelling, which is why we aim to remain the best value airport parking near the Brisbane domestic terminal. We can keep your vehicle safe and secure for a few days or months, and a two-week stay in our uncovered facility costs just $99 with no hidden charges. We also provide a free shuttle bus service to and from the domestic terminal until 11.30 pm. Keep reading below to find out why airport parking is a better idea than home storage.

The Pros of Brisbane Airport Parking near the Domestic Terminal

Regardless of the time you’re spending away, storing your car is often a better idea than keeping your vehicle at home for the following reasons:

  • Airport Parking is Secure and Affordable – With airport parking, you can drive yourself to the airport, park your vehicle in a monitored, secure car park and then let our bus driver take you to the airport in 10 minutes. Plus, the price per day drops significantly each day your vehicle remains in storage if you tell us your planned duration when booking. Parking for 14 days costs just $99, and it’s $5 for each additional day.
  • You don’t need to pay for public transport – Depending on where you live, reaching Brisbane airport might be expensive via public transport. It’s important to bear transportation costs in mind when deciding whether secure parking facilities are worth the small investment.
  • Add convenience to your trip – Holidays are supposed to relax us, so it’s good to avoid the stress of public transport, especially after a long flight. At our facility, we can take you to the airport before you depart and retrieve you as soon as you return.

Our Job is to Keep Your Vehicle Secure

At Kingsfordsmith, we’re here to give you one less thing to worry about while on holiday by keeping your car perfectly safe and cared for always. We offer free external cleaning for cars that stay over 24 days, and bike storage costs just $4 per night after the first four. Contact us today to find out more about our excellent facilities and high-value rates.