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What are the Most Secure Options for Long-Term Brisbane Airport Parking?

Now that you’ve packed your bags and booked your flights and hotel, you probably can’t wait to jet off somewhere peaceful for a week or two. Of course, holidays can be rather expensive, but you can keep a budget in mind now that you’ve paid for all your reservations, travel insurance and transportation. However, you might have neglected to think about how to keep your vehicle secure while you’re away, and though it’s possible to leave your car at home for the duration of your holiday, you could have peace of mind by keeping it stored at a safe parking facility.

Unfortunately, Brisbane airport long-term parking can eat into your spending money, which is the last thing you need after you’ve diligently saved cash for months to enjoy the holiday of a lifetime. You might also wonder whether Brisbane airport parking is as secure as leaving your car at home, but it usually is if you find a reputable facility. If you find a company that guarantees to take care of your vehicle as if it were their own, you can remain happy and relaxed while enjoying the peaceful vacation you deserve.

At Kingsfordsmith, we boast one of the most secure parking facilities near Brisbane airport, and we can take great care of your vehicle regardless of the duration of your holiday. We provide options for both covered and uncovered parking to help you stick to your budget, and as the best-value facility near the airport, our prices can be as low as $5 for 24 hours after the 14th day. Keep reading below to find out why a secure parking facility might be your best vehicle storage option.

Brisbane Secure Airport Parking

Below, we’ve listed the most popular car storage methods people use when they go on holiday, and you’ll soon see why secure Brisbane long-term airport parking is a good idea.

  • Leave the car with the kids – If your children hold a driving license, you might be tempted to let them use the vehicle why you’re away. However, you might struggle to relax knowing your prized possession is in somebody else’s hands, and that’s the last thing you need when you’re on holiday. At least with airport parking, nobody will tamper with your car while you’re gone.
  • Park the car in a secure car park – Perhaps you’re taking the entire family on holiday, in which case you’ll need a permanent parking solution. Instead of parking your car in a locked garage, hide it out of view by storing it at our secure facility.
  • Leave the vehicle with a friend – You might know many experienced drivers who would be willing to babysit your car, but they can’t keep their eye on it at all times. Our facility is staffed at least 20 hours a day and fitted with a range of security enhancements.

The Smart Way to Store Your Vehicle

If you want absolute peace of mind that your car is in safe hands while you’re on holiday, you ought to consider storing it at a secure parking facility close to the airport. At Kingsfordsmith, we’ll look after your vehicle, take you to the airport and return you to our car park when you’re ready to head home. Contact us today to find out more about our excellent parking facility.