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Receive Great Customer Service in Brisbane with Our Short Term Airport Parking

Travelling is stressful enough as it is. When you’re planning a trip out of town, or a jaunt overseas, you want to eliminate hassle as much as you can. That’s why at Kingsfordsmith, we offer Brisbane Airport short term parking at competitive rates and unbeatable service. Leave your keys with us, and rest assured that your car is in good hands.

A quick trip out of Brisbane? Our Airport Parking Short Term Rates Means Less Stress

Every year, it may seem like travel gets increasingly expensive. In fact, Australians are the world’s second-biggest travelling spenders (after Saudi Arabia). In 2013, according to Visa’s Global Travel Intentions Survey, Australians reported spending over $3962 on each overseas trip, whether it was to Bali or Britain. When it comes to short distance trips, it may mean a little less out of pocket - but there are still plenty of costs associated with travel. As most Aussies know, travelling within the country can often still be painful on one’s wallet. A short flight from Brisbane to Sydney may still end up costing you nearly $200 during peak times!

While the annual holiday is one thing, there are many other occasions which call for a short-term trip where driving to your destination just isn’t an option. For a quick weekend getaway, or a trip to visit family for a few days, having to pay more than you’d prefer for parking can be a major headache. At Kingsfordsmith, our short term parking rates won’t stress you out, and you’ll have the peace of mind that your car will be safe and in good hands.

Located within 10 minutes of Brisbane Airport, our short term airport parking is close and convenient. You’ll save even more money by skipping the bus or taxi when you come directly to us. Our shuttle buses are at the ready and are always free of charge.

Once you arrive, we’ll greet you with a friendly attendant who will assist you every step of the way. There are no hidden fees or strings up our sleeves, just a quality service and a no-hassle approach.

We Value You and Your Car

Your car is important to us. No matter how short or long the stay, we will ensure that your car remains secure and returns to you just as you left it- or better! Even for a short term trip, you may request a car wash or detailing so that you can return to an immaculately clean car. If you are a frequent traveller out of Brisbane Airport, your short term parking can be even cheaper and easier when you earn Frequent Parker Cash Rewards through us. The next time you choose us for parking, be sure to ask for a key tag that you can use for discounts the next time that you book with us.

The next time you’re at Brisbane Airport, we hope that you’ll look to Kingsfordsmith for your short term parking needs!