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The benefits of short term and long term airport parking in Brisbane

Kingsfordsmith has been a known leader in Brisbane long term and short term airport parking for many years now. We have gained the hearts and trust of many customers by offering a superb service at top quality standards while maintaining our economical pricing. While many other long term airport parking Brisbane companies may struggle with that balance, we have built our business on that notion alone, and our customers have thanked us for it time and time again by remaining loyal to our brand.

How does Kingsfordsmith make Brisbane short term and long term airport parking unique?

Given the fact that we are a customer-based business that prides ourselves on excellent customer experiences and services, our priorities lie in our customer satisfaction. We offer extra services that other airport parking services don’t provide such as, additional parking for people going on cruises and quick car service because we know that reliability is king.

Prices vary based on the service that will be provided to you, however they are always competitive and the best around. We offer outdoor and undercover secure services, and our indoor service starts at $20 AUD and goes up to $99 AUD, dependent on the number of days the customer needs our service. The undercover service starts at $22 AUD and goes up to $125 AUD. Motorbike parking is $8 AUD per day for four days, then $5 AUD per day for each additional day.

Car Washing & Detail Service

These prices vary greatly on the size of your car but ultimately starts at a low $30 AUD and go up from there. Any customer who leaves their vehicle (sedans only) in our undercover parking area for more than 24 hours, gets a free external car wash. Larger vehicles only cost $10 AUD.

Cruise ship parking

We are offering a limited time discount for our cruise ship parking customers. Start with eight days of parking for only $60, get 12 days for $80, and 15 days for $95. You really can’t find more affordable prices paired with the phenomenal service we offer. You just can’t go wrong.

What are the bonuses of Using Kingsfordsmith flexible parking arrangements?

There are many benefits of our company offering customers parking to fit their specific needs and situation. Brisbane short term airport parking is beneficial because the customer isn’t obligated to long term charges for a brief trip. That’s why adjustable pricing is set and very necessary to accommodate our customers in every way possible. Brisbane long term airport parking offers customers going on longer trips the peace of mind needed to enjoy their trip and not worry about the safety of their vehicle. There’s nothing worse than being thousands of miles away and worried about the safety of an expensive car sitting in an airport carpark. Kingsfordsmith honours that fact by protecting and caring for your vehicle like it’s our very own.

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