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Key Considerations for Choosing Parking near Brisbane Airport

We deserve a holiday or two a year to take a break from our jobs and other everyday responsibilities. All those hours at the office take their toll on our stress levels, and we rarely have as much relaxation time as we need to blow off steam. To de-stress and keep your energy levels high, you need to embark on a new adventure from time to time, and there’s no shortage of destinations in Australia. However, if you want to feel carefree while you’re away, you need to ensure there’s nothing to worry about at home.

Your vehicle is one of your most expensive assets, and you might have saved for years to purchase a high-end model if you’re a car lover. You need to know your vehicle is safe and sound when you’re not around to watch over it, and that means finding secure airport parking in Brisbane. Instead of leaving your prized possession unattended at home, you could park your vehicle in a secured car park for the duration of your holiday. You probably think long-duration parking is expensive, but it’s much cheaper than you might expect if you find a reputable company.

At Kingsfordsmith, we boast a secure parking facility that’s within easy reach of Brisbane airport. We run a free shuttle bus from our car park to the airport and back multiple times every day from the early hours in the morning until late, and we can safely accommodate your vehicle for as little as a few days or as long as a few months. We pride ourselves on providing the best-value Brisbane airport parking available, with prices dropping to just $5 a day after 14 days. Keep reading below to learn what key factors you should consider when searching for parking near Brisbane airport, and find out why so many travellers choose us.

Finding the Right Airport Parking in Brisbane

When you go on holiday, you need to know your vehicle is safe and that it will be easy to retrieve when you return. Take the following factors into consideration when choosing Brisbane airport parking:

  • Location – After you return home from your holiday, you might feel tired following the long flight. You need to store your car at a parking facility that’s located close to the airport so that you can head home quickly after travelling for hours on end. Our car park is conveniently located just 10 minutes away by shuttle bus from Brisbane airport.
  • Security – It’s good to know that somebody’s keeping an eye on your car when you’re on holiday, which is why our car park is staffed at least 20 hours a day and equipped with many 24-hour security enhancements.
  • Price – Holidays are expensive, making affordable car parking a must. You won’t find better value facilities than ours if you need parking near Brisbane airport.

One Less Thing to Worry About

If you want to know your car is safe and secure when you’re on holiday – and that you’re not paying through the roof for the luxury – you ought to contact our friendly staff to find out how we can help. Alternatively, you can click here to view a complete list of our rates, and we have no hidden charges.